LinkedIn is the world’s largest business network. Prospective clients and vendors check out LinkedIn profiles to see who they are preparing to do business with. Clients, especially, want to feel confident in and comfortable with the accountant and trusted advisor they are going to begin working with. Your profile matters, especially if you want it to act as your 24/7/365 sales contact point.

      Most LinkedIn profiles are like everyone else’s profile, mainly because most people copy them from the others, or because they gear them towards basic facts rather than towards helping to market you and your business, and its products and services. Here are the steps to producing a great “do business with me” profile. 

      1. Write a powerful headline. That is the first thing people see, so make it about the benefit they will get from doing business with you.
      2. Use a professional photograph. Look like the person your ideal client does business with, so you send a subtle message with your picture.
      3. Write a marketing piece about yourself, your business, the advantages you offer, and the benefits your clients get from doing business with you. If you just write a short narrative description, it is like seeing a new prospect, and saying “Blah, blah, blah” for the first 20 seconds.
      4. Customize your LinkedIn URL, so it makes sense to everyone who reads it.
      5. Personalize your website, so the link to it from your LinkedIn profile reinforces what they have just read.
      6. Use the right keywords in your headline and your profile, so your readers see the words that actually mean something to them.
      7. Write your work history to sound like everything you did enabled you to become the person you want your readers to see. Again, the experience and history section does not need to be a simple list of job titles and dates, it needs to be achievements and accolades that tell your prospective clients that you are the person for them.
      8. Keep it professional and friendly.

      Your LinkedIn profile is your non-spoken and more detailed elevator pitch. Make the most of it.

      While you’re creating or updating your Linkedin profile, have a look at my page.  We should connect!  

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