Good Time To Reflect This Year End On How To Grow Your Business
grow your business

Moving into the 4th Quarter of the year is a good time to reflect on Quarters 1 – 3 and to look ahead to next year. Many small to medium-sized accountants get busy with the day-to-day – win the next order, get more inquiries coming in, manage social media, handle staff, client and supplier problems, do the technical things that the business was set up to do, and then do it all again tomorrow.

This simple list of questions will help you to score how well you handle the bigger picture issues – which will help you to grow your business day by day.

Ask yourself these 10 questions and:-

  • Write down the answers, and give yourself a score, where 1 = unacceptable and 10 = perfect
  • When you don’t score 9 or 10, write down just one idea, fact or action that would improve your score by 1 point
  • Set aside 20 minutes every day for the next 10 days to work on one of the ideas, facts or actions. You will be delighted with what you can achieve in those 20 minutes
  • Review your progress and at the end of Q4 – answer the questions again

The 10 Growth Strategy Questions

  1. How clear are you about how you would like your business to be?
  2. How close is your business to that?
  3. How clear are your staff about how you want your business to be?
  4. How motivated are your staff to do their jobs as well as possible?
  5. How well organized is your marketing so it consistently brings in new leads/customers?
  6. How well financed are your marketing, sales, production and delivery processes?
  7. How clear is your market place about the reasons for doing business with you – instead of with your competitors?
  8. How efficiently does each department operate?
  9. Is your success overly dependent on any one person besides you?
  10. How valuable would it be to have some occasional outside support?

In 10 days you will have a clear picture of your business and its near-future. If you decide you would like to get some support, please click here to contact us.


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