Something so simple goes a long way.

It’s one of the first words we hear and one of our favorite sounding words: Our own name!

When you greet a client by name — and continue using it throughout your conversation — it puts them at ease and sends the message that you care about them both personally and professionally.

Be careful, though, of being too familiar too quickly. It is generally safe to call clients Mr. Jones or Ms. Smith but it may seem rude to refer to them as just John or Mary. Be especially aware if you are a younger employee dealing with an older client. It is better to be too formal than too familiar. Typically, a client will tell you if they’d prefer you call them by first name.

Combining “personalism” with professionalism is key to a great first impression and lets clients know you see them as more than just a transaction. Clients appreciate it when you put forth the effort to learn their name and use it!

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