In today’s sharing and gig economy, almost anyone can fill the roles of “client” and/or “provider.”  This means more opportunities and more competition for today’s accounting firms. It’s easier than ever to engage with clients, but the accessibility comes with a downside; the competitive climate makes it more difficult to make an impression without risking getting lost in the noise.  That said, there is one clear-cut way to distinguish your customer service from your competition and that is to remember two words: YOU MATTER. 

    This simple phrase can serve as an unofficial mantra that your client will appreciate not by you saying it, but by showing it.  Here are four ways you can ensure that your actions speak louder than your words:

    Always Right the Wrongs

    If something goes wrong, fix it immediately and give your clients something in return that truly fits any time and hardship they faced as a result of the mistake, no matter how minor it may be.  It’s always easy to put finances before principles but it’s often the little extra effort that makes all the difference to someone who has invested in your product or service.

    Use Feedback

    Having open communication with clients is an important part of any successful business, but the key differentiator is not only in how information is collected but how it is used. Comments and opinions can be hard to sift through, yet there is almost guaranteed to be at least one gem in there that you could do something about. And, chances are, you probably already know you should.   

    Value Their Time

    It’s amazing how many accounting firms don’t greet clients when they arrive or thank them when they leave.  Make it known that you value your clients’ time and take a genuine moment to acknowledge their support. This simple gesture makes all the difference in nourishing relationships in work and in life.  

    Give Back What You Receive

    For those clients that reach out and go out of their way to interact with your brand, do you take the time to develop those relationships?  One of the worst disappointments for a client can be when they share some genuine feedback, an idea, or a level of excitement, only to be met with a generic message–or worse, nothing at all.   If you are spending 80% of your time on your top 20% most engaged clients, you can reap countless, unexpected benefits of having their attention. You can craft unique strategies to get them involved in your mission so that they can help spread awareness of your firm.

    For accounting offices of any size, these reminders are simple and you have likely heard them before in one context or another. But, the real question is: Do you fully embrace them?  Can you take one action from this post and do it now to improve the experience of your clients?

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