Get More Done by Hiring the Right People to Help

    No matter how good a leader you are, you can’t do everything yourself. You can get more done with the right help from the right members of your workforce. 

    Follow these three steps:

    •  Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Get feedback from those around you to find out where to put your energy productively. Determine what fuels your passion. Where do you excel? What is your brilliance? Then work these strengths and delegate the rest of it.
    • Recruit and retain people who complement your weaknesses. Find employees with the natural strengths to add value in areas where you’re not as strong. Empower them to take ownership of these tasks and projects. Check in periodically, but don’t micro-manage.
    •  Let people do what they do best. Put people to work doing what they can do better than you. Don’t worry that they’ll outshine you. Your strength needs to come from guiding people, not doing their work for them. Reward them for a job well done!

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