Teamwork and Collaboration – Key Essentialsteamwork

Collaboration and teamwork are essential in today’s workplace. To contribute to your organization’s success while working together, follow these guidelines:


  • Discuss your goals. Whatever the project is, sit down to define what you’re trying to accomplish. Document goals in clear language so everyone knows what success requires.


  • Identify each other’s strengths. Find out what people do well so you can use their skills accordingly. Pair up people with complementary strengths and weaknesses so they can balance each other and do good work.


  • Determine roles and responsibilities. Once you’ve set down goals and spotlighted strengths, decide on specific jobs for everyone. This helps hold individuals accountable and lets team members know what to expect from each other.


  • Encourage creativity. Don’t settle for the same solutions to every problem and challenge. Brainstorm to develop new ideas. Don’t discard anything that sounds too outrageous. You may be able to adapt it to something more practical.


  • Celebrate success. Once you’ve reached your goal, take time to enjoy it. Go out to lunch, or throw a party. This provides positive reinforcement for the team’s hard work, and prepares everyone to move onto the next project.


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