How to Conduct a Stay Interview
stay interview

One of the major challenges for the recruiters of today is talent scarcity, and one method to try to ensure that recruits stay with your company for the long term is the stay interview. A stay interview involves the organization being evaluated by an existing employee in an attempt to ensure that they will remain with the company and is essentially the opposite of an employee appraisal.

It is a good interview tactic to first conduct stay interviews with your firm’s best performers, those whose exit would adversely affect your company’s productivity. Conduct one-on-one interviews complete with detailed questions that guarantee critical and honest feedback. A company that values its workers’ opinions and is willing to take them on board is a company that the team member is likely to consider worth staying with.

Questions to ask at a stay interview should include the likes of why the employee is still working at the company, why they enjoy their work, and what their least favorite thing about their job is. It can also be a good idea to ask the employee to rate their level of happiness with the company on a scale of one to ten.

It’s important to gather this type of information so you can build a solid team. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this topic further.


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