Encourage Peer Recognition

    Peer recognition brings team members together and reinforces the principles of great customer service. Have you considered awarding “Atta Boys” and “Atta Girls” to team members based on nominations from their colleagues? Zappos has several ways of honoring standout performers who best epitomize the company’s culture and spirit of customer service. Their peer rewards programs give team members the opportunity to recognize and encourage one another.

    An example is the “Zollars” program where team members can award one another “Zappos dollars” by filling out a form describing why their colleague is deserving of recognition. Zollars can be used to purchase Zappos swag or other items or even donated to charity. Other peer recognition programs at Zappos can net team members a prime parking spot, cash bonuses or the coveted Zappos HERO Award, which comes with a superhero cape and sizeable gift card.

    Peer recognition programs allow your team members to do something nice for one another. It’s an opportunity to recognize team members who not only provide good customer service to internal and external clients, but to each other. Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness among team members make a huge difference.

    Consider what you can do in your business to recognize team members who put in the extra effort to take service from ordinary to extraordinary.

    We used to have “Kudos” bars (until they stopped being sold in grocery stores). These bars would be given in recognition by fellow team members for a job well done. This little “extra” really made our weekly staff meetings fun for everyone. You never knew when someone would be awarded a “Kudos” bar.

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