Dressing for Success Gives You Confidencesuccessful

Many people working in small offices tend to pay less attention to the way they dress. After all, you’re meeting the same people every day. So what’s the point of dressing up? Who do you need to impress?

You might also think that, after a while, your work is going to start speaking for itself. And ideally, that is the way that it should be. But unfortunately, that’s not how it works in everyday life. Even if you are doing great work, people do judge you by the way you look.

Different Styles of Dressing       

Depending on the style which you adopt, you might be labeled a nerd, a go-getter, a plain Jane, a “creative” type, a mad genius etc. Think back to each of these terms. Don’t they evoke certain images?

  • Nerds are generally pictured with glasses and simple, ill-fitting clothes.
  • A “creative” type usually has long hair and wears off-beat clothing with a lot of colors.
  • When you think of a mad genius, you visualize Einstein, with his crazy hair and absent-minded way of dressing.

How Do You Picture Someone Successful?

A go-getter, a leader or someone who seems likely to be successful is generally pictured as someone wearing an expensive suit and expensive shoes. If it’s a man, he probably has short, well-kept hair, possibly styled with a bit of hair gel but not too much.

If it’s a woman, she probably wears her hair in a bun or straight down her back. She probably goes to a good stylist but doesn’t get hair color which is too over-the-top, like a garish red. She keeps it more natural-looking with a few streaks which could pass off as natural. And the same goes for her makeup.

Keeping Your Outfit Understated

The idea is to keep each element of your outfit a little bit understated. But when you combine an understated suit with understated pumps, understated makeup and understated hair, the result is quite striking. That’s why these people come across as go-getters.

Why Put Effort into Your Appearance?

When someone knows how to put themselves together, this leads people to believe that they know what they’re talking about and are good workers too.

So if you’re going for a makeover, keep these tips in mind. Working on your appearance will give you more confidence and make a better impression on your superiors as well as clients.

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