Winston Churchill once said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” You could actually take this statement one step further and say “Attitude is the little thing that makes all the difference”. Think about your last setback or your last bad day. Did it seem like everything went wrong all day? How did your attitude change over the day? Chances are that once you perceived that something went wrong, you started seeing everything going wrong, and saw only the bad things. You have also probably had at least one or two “perfect” days, where absolutely nothing could go wrong, and nothing did. Which days would you rather repeat?

    A consistent positive attitude can make more of your days “perfect” days than “worst” days. A positive attitude is also infectious: your positive attitude will inspire others around you to develop similar attitudes, and this will in turn reinforce your attitude. Adopt a positive attitude, and you will see that it truly does make all the difference!

    So how do you develop a positive attitude?

    Here are a few simple steps that you can take to start developing a positive attitude. These steps are small steps individually, but once you start doing a couple of them, you will start seeing positive influences in many more places!

    • Use positive language: Listen to how you currently speak, and make an effort to replace some words you currently use with more positive counterparts. Try to actively avoid words like “can’t”, “won’t”, and other negative words; replace them with the more positive “can” and “will”.
    • Smile: Take the time to smile multiple times during the day. You don’t need to have a reason to smile – just smile! Smile before you answer the phone, and watch your attitude change. Smile at anyone you interact with during the day: you will affect their attitude in a positive way, and boost yours as well!
    • Give honest compliments: Making others feel good will influence your attitude. Look for things that others do well, and let them know that you appreciate those things. You will find yourself seeing more positives when you are actively looking for them.
    • Look for the silver lining: Even the worst situations have some positive aspects. When you have a setback or a negative situation, look for what you can learn from that situation. Don’t deny yourself negative feelings, but don’t dwell on them.
    • Set and achieve goals: Success promotes a positive attitude. Set a few small, easily achievable goals for yourself, and achieve them. Note your success, and apply it to the next goal: if you can achieve one goal, you can achieve another!

    The key to changing your attitude is starting small. Do a little every day, and keep looking for the positive. Once you start the ball rolling, it will pick up momentum. You will start to see that this “little thing” will truly make all the difference in your life – positively so!

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