Loyalty More Important Than Satisfaction

Which is worth more: Client satisfaction or client loyalty?

A happy, loyal client might find a lower price elsewhere, but they are more likely to stay with you than a client who is merely satisfied.

A loyal client will drive the extra miles when a competitor opens closer to home. They’ll be willing to work virtually or some other way.

A loyal client knows that when you make a mistake, it’s not typical. Loyal clients are more likely to tell you when they’re unhappy and allow you the chance to make things right.

If your goal is to satisfy clients, you and your employees can do everything perfectly and all you will have is a satisfied client. That’s it! If you fall short, you will have a less-than-satisfied client who may or may not stay with you.

Striving for satisfaction isn’t enough. You need to provide Out-Of-This-World customer service and create happy, loyal clients who will stay with you for life. For information on this topic, please go to www.getoffthewheel.com


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