A Solid Online Presence, Your Target Market Can Find You

Direct marketing efforts can be expensive, and a lot of potential clients in your pipeline might drop off as passive leads without making a purchase. Instead of just reaching out to clients, make sure your potential clients can reach you. Create a solid online presence so people with specific queries, local traffic, and interested parties can find you.

Create a business blog that answers specific questions.

People turn to the Internet for help. While your business might not be able to fight for the basic keywords in your niche, you can capture traffic on longtail keywords through specific blog posts. People with immediate or technical questions type their problems into their search engine, so create posts that answer that particular question with clear procedures and technical information. Not only are you more likely to be on the first page of results (or, even better, the first spot), that individual will start to trust your brand.

Create business profiles on local directories.

Borrow a friend’s computer and type in a search for local businesses that offer the same services you do. Depending on the service, it won’t be a specific company site that pops up first. Instead, it will be the Yelp profile for a successful business or a recommendation site listing the top five or ten listings for your area. Whichever directories, or review and recommendation sites, show up on the first page of results, make sure your company has a profile with them. These profiles are usually free, and it’s important to have a presence where your future customers are looking.

Web traffic is a great equalizer for niches with businesses of different sizes. With a few strategies and by capitalizing on available resources, you can be just as visible as corporate giants. Go to www.getoffthewheel.com  for more tips and actionable strategies.


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