Calling Employees Team Members Creates A Positive Environment

Employees by any other name are still employees, but I like to refer to my employees in a different way. I call them team members. Team members come together for a common goal and that’s what I want for my business.

I firmly believe that there are no positions in my business that are more important than others. This includes my position as owner. Without my team members, I wouldn’t be able to offer the variety of services that I currently offer. I also wouldn’t have the social media and web presence that I currently have since this is definitely not a strong area for me. In fact, I’m a bit technically challenged.

My team members work together to provide Out-Of-This-World Customer Service by having a common goal of winning over clients. “Working with my team” has a much better ring to it than “working with my employees,” don’t you agree?

How can you implement this in your practice?


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