Stand Apart From Your Business Competition 

Business Competition


How do you create your brand so that you really do stand apart from your business competition? It is a straightforward process – even though major corporations have whole departments working on it, so it appears to be difficult. It might take a little time, but it is still straightforward.



Let’s say you want to be the go-to guy or gal for accounting or tax services. The stand apart brand-building process stays the same. Here’s the template:

  •  Decide who you are and what you want
  • Ask yourself (or your team) what’s in it for your client if you (and the team) are the best you can be. Because that’s what they buy and that’s what keeps them coming back
  • Ask if there’s anything else your clients want that you don’t do or you don’t provide yet

You have to be very clear about what you are good at and what you deliver to your clients – what you promise, and what you deliver. They are the critical points. Going through this part of the template is what’s called doing your FAB analysis. FAB stands for Features, Advantages, Benefits. Get these clear and you will make your business really stand apart from your competition. 

  • Make lists of what you know and what you do that your clients get? Put flipchart paper around the walls, so everyone can see the lists. These are your brand’s features
  • Now decide how well you do those things or how well you intend to do things you haven’t started doing yet. How well you and your firm delivers are the advantages of doing business with you.  What are the advantages to your client if you always finish jobs on time and everything you do is 100% accurate?
  • Next, list the benefits to your clients of having you provide all these advantages.  Ask yourself if you were on the receiving end, what would it really mean to you? How do your clients benefit from your accuracy or that fact that your firm delivers high quality services first time, on time, every time?
  • When you are clear about what’s in it for them, you can create your brand. Your brand is why your clients seek you out, and stay loyal. Then all you have to do is help them find you.

As your brand becomes better known, trusted and respected, you will do more business. As you do more business you will need to implement practice management systems and procedures. It will pay you, now, to focus on creating your brand and growing your business by contracting out areas that are not comfortable with, such as your website. So please buy yourself more time to work on your business, and not just in it. 

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