Let’s Build Your Team Spirit!

Employees don’t work in isolation, whatever their jobs are. They’re part of a team, large or small, and your efforts to motivate them should be team-based. Emphasize the connections among individual employees and between employees’ home and work lives. Here are three ways to accomplish this:


  • Build high opinions of one another’s skills and strengths. Encourage your staff to praise their colleagues at meetings with questions like, “Who helped you out this week?” Public praise from peers redirects focus away from the boss/worker relationship and extends accountability to the entire team, which in turn reinforces team spirit.
  • Recognize everyone’s contribution. Treat each individual as if his or her effort is the most important factor in team success. Pay attention to what people actually do, so you know how their activities affect the bottom line.
  • Reward teamwork. During performance reviews, be sure to note contributions to team goals along with individual efforts. Employees will quickly realize the benefits of working toward team goals and will put less emphasis on standing out individually.

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