Being a good listening is essential for every business! Read on for tips! 

Tax Season is a time when we tend to take more appointments than normal. Being a good listener is vital, not only to services, such as tax preparation, but to the long term relationship with our clients.

Do you give clients equal talk time or are you a conversation hog? Pay attention to how much time you spend talking. What is your talk-listen ratio?

Being a better listener is key to providing Out-Of-This-World Customer Service.  Here are some tips for using your ears to the advantage of your business:

  •  Pay attention to the content of what your client says, not how they say it. Clients might not always have the right words, but nobody knows better than they do what they want. Work to understand the meaning of what clients tell you.
  • Don’t make judgments or jump to a conclusion before your client is done talking.
  • Make eye contact and maintain it throughout your conversation.
  • Focus on listening. Try not to think of other things while talking with clients.
  • Make your client the center of your attention. Fight distractions.
  • Be sincere. Ask open-ended questions to help clients clarify what they want and need.

Remember, there is no such thing as an unpopular listener.  

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