A Heartwarming Story in Honor of Thanksgiving

I thought I would deviate a little bit from our “normal” type of blog article this week in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday. So, enjoy!

Emma came home from work one Tuesday evening with no idea how her life was about to change. Mixed in with her daily mail was a handwritten note addressed simply to “neighbor.” The handwriting on the envelope and the note inside was in a shaky hand that reminded Emma of her late grandmother’s penmanship.

The return address on the envelope was for a house across the street that Emma believed to be vacant. The curtains were always closed and in the few years since Emma and her family moved into the neighborhood, they never saw anyone enter or leave the house across the street.

The note inside the envelope read:

Dear neighbor,

I see you with your family and you seem like a very nice person. I was wondering if we could be friends. I am 93 years old and no longer have any family. I am very lonely.

The note was signed by a woman named Allison.

In just a few lines Emma was reduced to tears. She thought of her own grandmother, who she’d just buried a few months ago, and how the loss of her passing was still present. Then she thought about how much loneliness and courage it would take for an elderly person to reach out to a complete stranger, hoping to make a connection.

The next day, after Emma sent her kids off to school, she walked over to Allison’s house and knocked on the door. She was greeted by a petite older woman with dazzling blue eyes. For the next few hours, they got to know a little about each other over a pot of coffee and warm banana bread. Over the next few years, Allison became a surrogate grandmother to Emma and her family.

As we embark upon this festive season of feasting and holiday observances, let us remember that the person in the next cubicle, living down the hall or across the street may be left out of these good times. Reach out in the spirit of friendship and inclusion to warm the heart of a lonely person though a selfless act of kindness.


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