Increase Your Productivity With These Tips! productivity tips

  1. Know your priorities
  2. Have a vision
    1. Do you have a 5 year vision?
    2. Do you keep a vision board?
    3. If yes, how often do you look at it?
    4. What you focus on expands – Google images, words such as health, fun, travel, etc. – a visual of what you want
  3. Goals are essential
    1. Divide them into 90 day chunks
    2. Write them down – be accountable
    3. If you aren’t achieving your goals, then check your vision & get clear direction
  4. Planning beats willpower
    1. Willpower will fail you – don’t rely on it
    2. Rely on planning – 1 minute spent planning saves 10 minutes in execution
    3. Plan your steps
  5. You matter
    1. We run around on empty batteries, pushing ourselves harder than we should – we feel tired, lost, etc.
    2. You are doing your family/spouse/co-workers/boss a disservice when you don’t take care of yourself
    3. Make the choice – I matter!
  6. Plan on paper
    1. There is a connection to writing things down – you program it subconsciously into your brain
    2. Planning on paper is the #1 killer of overwhelm – WRITE IT DOWN!
  7. You need one “Go To” system
    1. Write it all down in one place
    2. Consolidate planners, email, notes, etc. this helps to reduce stress




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