Unique Employee Benefits Set Your Company Apart! unique employee benefits

Most companies provide at least basic employee benefits, including health and dental insurance, but by providing a couple of unique employee benefits, you can guarantee that your employees will feel respected and appreciated. These are the employees that you know will be loyal and helpful to your business. Check out these five unique employee benefits that some companies have taken an interest in.

Gym Memberships- Many companies have begun offering free or reduced-price gym memberships to their employees. Providing programs to keep your employees healthy will not only make them feel appreciated, but will also give them more energy and healthier bodies, something you should want in an employee.

Pet Insurance- Pets are an important part of many people’s lives. By providing pet insurance to your employees, you illustrate that you care enough for your employees to help them keep their pets healthy.

Volunteer Hours- By offering each of your employees paid volunteer time, you are improving your community while allowing your employees to spend time volunteering for a cause that they are passionate about. This passion will then find its way into the workplace as well.

Company-Wide Family Events- Whether it’s an annual picnic or holiday party, hosting events for your employees and their families will help promote friendship within your company. Your employees will be much more loyal to your business if they feel like they are a part of a family rather than just another employee.

Daycare- Daycare can become very expensive, which can prevent an employee from coming back to work full-time after having a child. If you provide free or low-cost daycare for your employees, you can hire employees who may have refused other jobs because they couldn’t afford daycare. These parents could be the most responsible, hard-working employees you have, and you would have missed out on them by not providing a daycare service for their children.

When you provide these unique employee benefits, you foster passion, loyalty, and a comfortable workplace. These are attributes that you need in faithful, creative, and hard-working employees. For more information, please contact us.


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