Keep Them Coming Back By Making Clients Feel Valued
clients feel valued

Do you want your clients to keep coming back? You have to make them feel valued and establish a connection with them. Here are some tips for doing so.

Go the Extra Mile

When it comes to customer service, go the extra mile. It is worth it in the long run. Having superb customer service will cause people to leave positive reviews about you online, which is extremely important for your bottom line.

Be Personal

If you want to connect with your clients, do not be too cold and businesslike. This is a huge mistake that many accountants make on social media. You should be social on social media. Be professional, but be human! Reply to comments and like them. Be a human who represents a business; do not sound like a robot. Besides sharing industry related stuff on social media, you may also want to share funny or heart-warming memes or videos.

Give Them the Inside Scoop

Clients love seeing what goes on behind the scenes. If you want them to feel a connection with your business, give them an inside look at your team members. Post pictures or short videos on social media of the people on your team. Showing your team members having fun is a great way to make your clients realize that they are human.

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