Hiring someone can be an arduous process. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you might know of someone who will be just right for the position. Maybe that person is among your circle of friends or a friend of a friend who is doing a similar job at another company. But this kind of situation only occurs once in a while. Most of the time, you need to go into your hiring process blind. You’ll need to post a job listing, scan resumes, interview candidates, negotiate salaries etc. Here are some tips to help you do so: 

    Job Listings

    Nowadays, most people post job listings online, on job boards such as Monster or Careerbuilder. It’s a pretty simple process to create an account and post your job. The hard part is actually coming up with the job listing itself.

    You need to make sure you understand the position and portray it accurately. What are the duties and responsibilities of someone in this position? Be as detailed as you can be. Sit down with the person who was performing this function previously to make sure that you don’t skip anything. And if you’re planning to add more duties to this position, then make a note of that.

    Also remember to put in a section with the qualifications and skills required for someone in this position. Make sure you use bullet points so that your job description is easy to read.

    Scanning Resumes

    You’ll get a number of responses to your job posting. You can look at these as well as search the job board for other people who might be right for the job. A well-written, easy-to-read resume without any mistakes shows that the person is detail-oriented.

    Also make a note of their work experience and their education before you get on the phone to give them a call. Some people might have more work experience while some have more educational qualifications. It’s up to you to determine which of these is more important to you.


    Some people like to go with their gut feeling when it comes to interviews. Others go in with a list of questions they have prepared in advance. The best thing is to do a combination of both. Make a list of questions so that you’re not at a loss during the interview. But consult your gut feeling also.

    If you feel like someone is just not right for a position, look into them further. Call their references or give them an aptitude test. You might discover that your gut feeling was right.

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