How your employees answer the phone says a lot about your company. Establish standard conventions so no one says too much or too little about your company. This keeps communications quick, positive, and well-organized, especially if you have new employees or multiple offices. Here are three elements you should focus on. 

    1. Standardize your company’s external tone.

    When someone reaches out to your company by phone, you need to ensure that they’re treated professionally. While your employees know how to be cordial, especially if you hired them for customer-facing positions, sometimes that pleasant tone can slip. Stress, frustration, and even low energy at the end of the day can make their greeting sound anything from forced to tired. But a set script makes answering the phone more routine.

    A standard opening also ensures better quality control if you have multiple receptionists or locations.

    2. Touch on relevant promotions and events.

    The person on the other side of the phone is either interested in your business or already has a relationship with your company. That makes it a great opportunity to add a sentence about an upcoming event or promotion. Not only is it an opportunity to spread the word, it invites people to ask for more details.

    3. Don’t get caught in phishing schemes.

    A standardized response also gives your receptionists more control of the conversation. Add a quick list of things to never discuss over the phone or optimal ways to answer potentially sensitive questions. Phishing schemes happen over the phone, not just over email, and they work best when your employees feel uncertain. Depending on the nature of your business, even giving out names or confirming information can be too big of a risk.

    Reach out to us for more ways to standardize your communications for better security and efficiency.

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