10 Questions to Help You Elicit the Best from Your Workforce

    Your success as a leader—and your organization’s success, as well—depend on your ability to get the best from your employees. You can’t expect it to come automatically, though. You have to search carefully for each person’s exceptional talents. For every person you lead, see how thoroughly you can answer the questions below:

    1. How well do you really know the employee? What can you quickly recall of the employee’s family, personal goals, hobbies, or other outside interests?
    2. What do you know specifically about his or her career goals, both short term and in the long run?
    3. What single word best describes the person’s job performance?
    4. If this person resigned today, what would you miss most?
    5. Can you name the person’s greatest strength or skill?
    6. Can you think of the last time you discussed this person’s skills or talents directly with him or her?
    7. What have you done recently to make the person feel like an important member of your team?
    8. How recently have you asked for this person’s ideas or input?
    9. What specific, positive comment about this person’s talents or contributions could you make today?
    10. After looking at the answers to the previous questions, what could you do right now to get more from this worker?

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